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German manufacturing company of automotive parts, household appliances, etc.

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Special Features:- 
~Motor power: 1.300 W
~Max. pressure: 110 bar
~Max. flow rate: 330 l/h
~Inlet water temperature: 40 °C
~Detergent system: High pressure foam
~Motor type: Series
~Pump type: 3-cylinder, metal
~Pump material: all metal
~Cable length: 5m
~Hose length: 3m (PVC)
~Weight (without accessories): 5kg 
~Dimensions: (L) 15.5cm (W) 38cm (H) 29cm 
~Nozzles: Variable fan jet nozzle,Rotary nozzle,High pressure foam nozzle


Special Features:

Motor power: 1.500 W
Max. pressure: 125 bar
Max. flow rate: 360 l/h
Inlet water temperature: 40 °C
Self priming capability: 0,5 m
Detergent system: High pressure foam
Motor type: Series
Pump type: 3 cylinder
Pump material: all metal
Cable length: 5 m
Hose length: 5 m
Weight (without accessories): 6,8 kg
Lances: Lance
Nozzles : 3-in-1 nozzle
Hose reel : Manual