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Special Features:- 

1. Cut or twist off required amount.
2. Mix by kneading with fingers to a uniform colour. If mixing is dificult, warm to room temperature or slightly above.
3. Apply to surface to be repaired (within 2 minutes of mixing). Force into any cracks or holes and strike off excess material, preferable with a tool wet with clean water. 
When applying to a damp, wet or slowly leaking area, work th material forcefully into the surface and apply pressure untill adhesion begins to take effect. 


Special Features:-

  • Increases Storage Space
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Fits Any Kitchen Cabinet
  • Durable
  • Adds Value To Your Kitchen
  • You Can DIY

3inch 4inch 5inch Swivel Black Rubber Wheel Caster For Trolley Wheel Or Hand Truck Wheel

Each Caster Come With Mounting Bracket.
Each Caster Built In With Duplex Bearing Inside.
Rubber Wheel Roller.
Colour : Black
Material : High Quality Rubber
Have: 3inch, 4inch, 5inch.


Special Features:- 
~Type: Stainless Steel Kitchen Filtration  Faucet 
~Dimension: 3.2cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 28.3cm (H) . 
~Material: High Grade Stainless Steel 


Special Features:-

  • Designed for energy savings and even light distribution
  • High-quality material (prevents yellowing)
  • Good-quality and reliable performance: 100% compliant with international standards (IEC, EMC)

Special Features:- 
~Body Material: Plastic P.O.M
~Working Pressure: 90~120 PSI/6.2~8kgs
~Sound Pressure: 85~88dB
~Air Consumption 90 PSI:
1/4'' hose -13cfm 
3/8'' hose -15cfm
~Air Inlet Thread:
SAE Size: 1/4'' NPT
Metric Size: 1/4'' PT 


Special Features:-

  • Material: Zinc Diecast
  • Finishing: SN (Satin Nickel)
  • Quality and Durable Material
  • Power Brand Awards
  • SIRIM Certification Malaysia
  • Super Brand Awards

Special Features:-

  • Quality Tools for the Professional & Normal users
  • King Toyo branding is Famous for its repair car accessories

Samurai K7 Khameleon 3D Spray Paint 300ml

~Good adhesion
~Excellent coverage


13A 3 Pin Plug TOP SIRIM


Special Features: 
-10 pcs per dispenser 
-High quality 
-Material: High Carbon Steel 


Super Heavy Duty Embed Soft Close Hydraulic Conceal Furniture Door Cabinet Hinges

Soft Closing Mechanism Built In
No Noise In Opening / Closing The Furniture Door
Use For Furniture, Cabinet, Closet, Wardrobe And Assort Furniture
Diameter Of 36mm Hole To Hole


Special Features:- 

~Test Range: 100v - 500v 
~Pocket Size with Clip 
~Ideal for Home, Office, and Handyman
~A Quality Safeytools to test Electrical in All Time


Special Features:- 

  • 100% Original Brass Float Valve For Cistern.
  • Float Valve is a Mechanism or Machine For Filling Water Tanks.
  • Avoiding Overflow and (In The Event Of Low Water Pressure) Backflow.
  • The Brass Float Valve Is Connected To The Incoming Water Supply and Is Opened and Closed By The Lever Which Has The Float Mounted On The End

Special Features:-

  • Brand: Alcor System
  • Type: Tray
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimension: 485D X 430W X 50H (mm)

Special Features:-

  • Increases Storage Space
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Fits Any Kitchen Cabinet
  • Durable
  • Adds Value To Your Kitchen
  • You Can DIY

Special Features:- 

~Blade Width (mm): 9 mm
~Color: Yellow / Black
~Number of Blades: 1
~Style: Snap-Off


Special Features:- 

~Rated Power Input (W):  300
~Rated Speed (r/min): 4000-12000
~Grinding Disc diameter(mm):  Ф125
~Net Weight (kg): 1.4



Special Features:-
~ Availble for Tail:5/16 Bpst: 1/8, Tail:5/16 Bpst: 1/4, Tail:5/16 Bpst: 3/8, Tail:5/16 Bpst: 1/2
~ Hose Fluid Type: Oil, Water, Gas
~Material: Brass
~Color: Gold Tone


St Guchi Handle Set Satin Nickel SGTH-160

~Easy to install
~Good Quality Brand of Entrance Handle Lock
~Power Brand Awards 2009
~Super Brands Awards 2015
~Durable and Long-Lasting