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Cleaning and care emulsion for all painted surfaces. The hard wax film contains special ingredients to protect against environtmental influences


Swallow Waterproof Abrasive Sandpaper

~Material: Silicon carbide
~100% brand new and high quality
~Size: 230mm X 280mm (9" X 11'') you can cut it to any size as your need
~Application: For shading and finishing
~Suitable for: Wood, metal, car polish or repair industries or etc. 
~Fit to WET or DRY sanding




Special Features:- 

1. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or water. Puncture with top of cap and install nozzle.
2. Apply one drop to one surface only. Assemble both surfaces together and hold for few seconds to enable it to set completely. 
3. Replace cap after use and store in a cool, dry place. 


Special Features:-

  • Quality Tools for the Professional & Normal users
  • King Toyo branding is Famous for its repair car accessories

Get professional results on walls, trims, cabinets, doors, fences,decks, touch-ups, arts and crafts.    


Made Of Quality Reinforce Hose Material And Withstand Pressure Of WP:15Bar ; Hot Water up to 90*C

1 year limited warranty. Term and condition apply.

  • Save Alot Of Space
  • Make Your Bathroom Look Modern



Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set, Multi Construction
High performance multipurpose drill bit for a wide range of materials.
Multi-purpose drill bit, which is also perfectly suitable for multi-layer materials.
Perfectly suitable for use with and without impact in impact drills and cordless drill/drivers
No need for frequent drill bit changes
Diamond-ground tungsten carbide cutting edge. Fast drilling
High performance for almost all material, thus no need for changing of drill bits
Steep Spiral for fast drilling
Long lasting Drill Bit​


Consists of various sizes of concrete wall mansory drill bit
Mansory drill bit sizes from 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm size


Special Features:-

  • Quality Tools for the Professional & Normal users
  • King Toyo branding is Famous for its repair car accessories

Special Features:-

  • Woven all-round roller with high capacity and excellent covering power. Suitable for both interior and exterior painting of Rough or Smooth surfaces.
  • Water Resistance Toilet Floor Coating Surface.
  • Anti-Slip Toilet Floor Coating Surface to Prevent Old People Falling Down.
  • Durable Toilet Floor Coating with Easily Clean.
  • Beautify Your Toilet Surface

Special Features:-
~Available for size: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 
~Hose Fluid Type: Oil, Water, Gas
~Material: Brass
~Color: Gold Tone


Shark Varnish Brush Shellac Paint Brush

Brand: Shark
Varnish Shellac Paint Brush
100% Pure Goat Hair
Wooden Handle


The uniqueness of 2K 2-COMPONENT SAMURAI

1. Practice 2 in 1 concept (mix hardener and resin) in an aerosol can.
2. Patented in Utility Innovation & Industrial Design in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.
3. Formula ration of hardener to resin is 1 : 2 (Compared to formula ratio of 1 : 4 in the market)
4. Guarantee highest product quality results, just like with a spray gun in a workshop.
5. Sprayed items can be dried in temperatures between -7'C to 40'C
6. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant with international convention
7. Easy to use, no extra equipment needed.



Special Features:- 

~Good Composition And Good Performance Of Groout Tiles Joint Refill Powder.
~Refill and Reform Grouting NarrowTile-Joint Up to 5mm.
~Usage for Grouting or Pointing Tiles Joints Between Ceramic Tiles, Natural Stones, and  Mosaic Tiles.
~Super Fine Powder With 100% Dry Solid Content After Refill And Reform On Tiles Joint.
~Non Toxic Hazards And Inflamability For Environement And Human.
~Conforming To Requirements Of MS ISO 13007-3, Classified As Type CG1.
~Made In Malaysia Product With High Quality Performance.

  • Simple but highly versatile and effective thin tape.
  • Durable and long lasting.

Special Features:- 

~For Easy Opening Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors And Stay Upward.
~With The Damper Soft Closing Function You Will Not Slam Cabinet Door When Closing.
~Silence and Soft With Cabinet Doors Opening And Closing.
~High Quality Material, Durable And Practical To Use.
~Able To Sustain Weight Of 10Kg And Open.


Special Features:- 
~Function As To Tightened Toilet Seat Cover
~Prevent Toilet Seat Cover From Being Offset.
~Made Of PVC Plastic Material.
~Offset Dimension Of Round Shape Screw Is Able To Fit To All Toilet Seat Cover In All Types Round Screw.
~Standard Toilet Seat Cover Screw.


For Convenience Of Adults and Children (Age 1-5 Years Old)wink