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Special Features:- 


-Reliable Cut
-Permanent Finish
-High Gloss System
-Silicone Free
-Easily Remove Car Paint scratches Using cloth within seconds
-Can be Applied by Hand with a Microfiber Cloth or by Machine using the G Mop 6" Standard Compounding Head (SGM14/12).

Provides Cutting Action to Remove Surface Defects and Produces High Gloss Finishing Surfaces. Permanent Finish: Removes Abrasive Marks Quickly and Easily and with no Fillers.

Easily Remove Car Paint scratches Using cloth within seconds! Sepcial Treatment for for HAIR LINE SCRATCHES , SCRATCHES , CHIPS and other imperfections.

G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound is recommended for use on OEM and re-finish paint systems.


Special Features:- 

~Household Application
~Max operating temperature: 80°C
~Knob Operated Taps & Mixer Taps
~Suitable For Basin and All Kind of Tap
~Operating Pressure Range: 0.1 to 10 Bar
~Flexible Supply Hoses For Sanitary Installations
~Handles Are Clearly Marked For Hot And Cold Recognition
~Ends With Rubber Seals Can Be Used On Hot or Cold Water
~Brass Units Manufactured To BS5412 And Chrome Plated To BS1224
~Offered With Various Types Of Connectors, And In Two Different Lengths For Certain Models
~Range Of Flexible Pressure Supply Hoses For Sanitary Installations With Stainless Steel Braid With An Internal Diameter Of 9 mm


Special Features:

~Made Of Solid Stainless Steel 304 material.
~Stainless Steel Grade Material 304 Able To Withstand And Sustain With Hot Water.
~Durable And Quality Solid Stainless Steel 304 Of 1/2 Inch Size Hole.
~Anti Rust And Anti Corossion Feature Of Stainless Steel Float Valve With 1/2Inch Size Stainless Steel Float Ball.
~Long Durability  SS304 Float Valve Compare To Others PVC Material.
~Length Of Inlet Valve Is Measured On Whole Arm Of Float Valve.

~Applicable To Restaurant Tank, Bungalow House Tank


Recommended Applications

  • Patching
  • Bundling
  • Reinforcing
  • Tabbing
  • Taping / splicing insulation
  • Capping pipe
  • Securing conduit ends
  • Marking
  • Labeling
  • Temporary repair
  • Hanging poly (polyethylene drapes)
  • Protecting against light sandblast overspray

Special Features:- 

~For Easy Opening Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors And Stay Upward.
~With The Damper Soft Closing Function You Will Not Slam Cabinet Door When Closing.
~Silence and Soft With Cabinet Doors Opening And Closing.
~High Quality Material, Durable And Practical To Use.
~Able To Sustain Weight Of 10Kg And Open.


No More Rusty And Water Leakage With SUS304 Stainless Steel Materials.


Special Features:- 

-Easy to Use
-Straight Plug Into Socket.
-Simple To Programme.
-15 Mins Switching Intervals
-Switches On & Off up to 48 Times Each Day.
-24 Hour Segment Times Switch.


Trapped Food Particles/Debris Can Be Removed Easily Using The Filteration Tray


Easy to install

Fit Most Of The Kitchen Sink With Similar Size


Easy To Install: No Need Plumbers, Installed Easily Without Any Tools.


It is suitable for use on both new and previously painted surfaces. Good quality, water-based sealer


​Special Features:-
​-For CONVENIENCE JOBS During Electrical Wiring
-Easy Press And Plug In During Connect Both Wire Connection.
​-A Great Connector For Tapping Into Wires to Perform Testing At Efficient, Convenience and Fatest Way!
​-Able to Sustain 500V High Voltage Electrical For Industrial Usage.
​-Able to Fit In 2.5mm Diameter Thickness of 3 Core Wire (High and Thickness Wire for Electrical Welding and Induction Cooker Usage.)​
​-Wire Can Be Hold Strongly After Connected to Wire Connector! Refer Video Attached


Special Features:- 


~Ceramic Disc Cartridge.
~Rubber O Ring At The Bottom, With Threaded Collar, Thread Size G 1/2".
~This Cartridge Fits Generally Single Handle Monobloc Style Faucets.
~20 Teeth On Spline (Top Of Stem) For Handle, Stem Drilled With M4 Threaded Hole.
~Fit For Taps Of Basin In Bathroom, Kitchen, Etc.
~Suitable For Both Cold Water And Hot Water.
~Most Suitable For Double Handle Kitchen And Bathroom Basin Faucets, BSP Thread 1/2Inch.
~Durable And Sturdy And Excellent Quality.
~It Is Very Easy And Convenient To Install.
~High Quality Valve, Anti-Cracking, Anti-Leakage, Anti-Aging, Anti Rust, Anti-Clockwise To Turn The Tap On And
Durable Usage.
~100% New & High Quality Product A-Class.
~Made In USA.

Special Features:- 
~Material: Brass, Ceramic.
~Spline Diameter: 7.6MM.
~Teeth On Spline: 20 Teeth.
~Thread Size: G1/2 (1/2" 20.5MM).
~Threaded Collar: Without Threaded Collar.
~Size: 49MM X 17MM.

How To Remove The Old Cartridge And Install The Replacement?
Lever The Lid Of The Faucet Handle With A Knife.
Loosen The Screw With A Screwdriver.
Remove The Screw.
Remove The Faucet Handle.
Screw Off The Old Cartridge With A Wrench.
Remove The Old Faucet Valve And Install The Replacement.


Special Features:- 

  • Ideal For Water Heater Water Valve.
  • Comes With Standard 1/2" Joint At Both Side.
  • Quarter Turn To Ease Water Control.
  • One Side With Free Joint To Ease Installation.
  • Made Of 100% Stainless Steel 304 Material
  • Brand New The Best Quality And Water Heater Valve Control.
  • Boast Outstanding Resilience And Maximum Tensile Strenght.
  • Stylish Design.
  • 100% New & High Quality Product.

Adjustable Length Curtain Extension Rod For Toilet Bathroom Accessories And Household Usage

Extension Rod Size:-
50mm ~ 80mm
70mm ~ 120mm

Adjustable Bathroom Extension Rods
No Drilling Required
Always Stays Reliable And Safe


Special Features:- 

~Multi-Function: Comes With 4 Size Suckers, The Toilet Air Blaster Can Be Used For Toilet, Washbasin, Bathtubs, Shower, Sink, Squatting Pan, Floor Drain, Blocked Pipes And Etc.
~All in One Air Toilet Pump Wih different Accesories Head Provided.
~Suitable For Kitchen Sink Clog,  Basin Clog, Toilet Bowl Clog , Bathroom Drainage Clog
~Efficient Cleaning Capability: With High Pressure Air Power, Unlogs Toilet Plunger Set Can Deal With Various ~Blockages Caused By All Sorts Of Rubbish Such As Hair, Cloth, Tea, Leaves, Grease, Oil Dirties And So On.
~Easy To Use With Humanize Handle: The Drain Blaster Uses The Power Of High-Pressure Compressed Air To ~Blast Away The Toughest Clogs In Your Drains In Just Seconds.
~Environmentally Friendly: ABS Gun Body, Natural Rubber Blocked Head, A Natural Rubber That Is Tough And ~Durable For Our Drain Blaster.
~Perfect For Works On Sinks, Tubs And Toilets.
~Safer Than Corrosive Chemicals, With Pressure Release Safety Valve.
~Good Quality Product.

~Toilet, Floor Drain, Sink, Sewer, Bathroom And Other Pipeline Dredging.

~Product Type: Pressure Pump Cleaner.
~Material: ABS + Rubber.
~Gap Material: Rubber.
~Color: Blue.
~Weight: 1.88 Ibs.


ANA 1/2" Ball Valve Female To Female Thread Stopcock For House Plumbing Applications

1/2" Size Of Ball Valve Female To Female Thread
Both End Is 1/2" Female Thread
Ball Valve Fuction Inside The Valve
Anti Rust Handle To Ease Of Control Water Flow