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Searching for a power tool which is multi purpose used?

Drill bits for metal

For drilling into metals such as stainless steel, your best bet is a HSS twist bit. High-speed steel offers greater resistance to the high temperatures generated when drilling into metal, and the flutes on a twist bit will throw off metal strands that are relatively easy to clean up.

If you’re working with thin material or widening existing holes, use a step bit to get exactly the size you need. For creating holes of one inch or more in metal surfaces, consider a hole saw.

Drill bits for masonry

Masonry drill bits are good for surfaces like concrete, brick or mortar. They’re normally twist bits with a carbide fin at their point. The fin breaks up the masonry, while the flutes on the body remove the waste material.

Masonry bits are often used with a hammer drill, a specialized tool that adds a rapid hammering action to the bit. That allows it to reach fresh masonry and remove dust more efficiently.

Drill bits for wood

The go-to bit for wood is a twist drill bit. A brad point on a drill bit will create a bit of “bite” and help prevent the bit from walking across the surface as you get up to speed. For holes of one inch or more, consider a spade bit.

Screw Bits

Many screwdriver designs have a handle with a detachable tip (the part of the screwdriver that engages the screw), called bits as with drill bits. This provides a set of one handle and several bits that can drive a variety of screw sizes and types.